“You are a very dangerous man to America, Michael Wienstein. You grow more dangerous every day. Especially to Jesus Christ.”

— http://freethoughtblogs.com/dispatches/2013/06/06/mikey-gets-email-6/


but, Jesus can walk on water!! can’t he protect himself too????


in response to http://canadianatheist.com/2013/06/05/shut-up-and-listen/

” I’m actually a good listener, but I don’t, and never will shut up.”

you realize these two things are incompatible, right?

Either you shut up and listen to what someone is saying or you talk over them. Saying you never will shut up is basically saying “I don’t give a crap what you say”. I’m not even saying this as a woman or whatever. I’m just saying this as a *parent*. If you can’t ever “shut up” you will *never* be able to listen to your kids. And if it applies to kids, well hell, I think you can pretty much apply it to everybody else in the whole world. Until you back off and stop talking and actually *listen* and use *cognitive reasoning skills*, especially in the case of kids, you are *never* going to understand anyone but yourself. And unfortunately, *everyone is not You*. I’m not you, your kid is not You, your mom and dad aren’t You, the neighbors aren’t you. You cant understand someone else’s *experience of life* until you stop talking about how you experience life and listen using cognitive reasoning skills. Just hearing the words isn’t enough. Just being quiet and not talking over someone *isn’t enough*. You have to *think* about what that person said and you have to apply it not to *you* but to *them*. If you find yourself saying “well, that’s not what I experienced when I went to Disney, I don’t know what my daughter is talking about” then you *didn’t reason out what was said to you*. You just tried to apply what they said to *yourself* and that *doesn’t* work.